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Written by: Eric Hart



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Big changes are on the horizon for the shop, its brand, and its social media accounts. It's focus on Syracuse stays unchanged.

🔮What is happening?

1. The shop is being rebranded to First Light Syracuse Goods ™. The parent company will remain Hartbreakers Creative LLC .

2. will become the new URL for the shop. Customers that navigate to the old URL will be forwarded to the new site automatically.

3. will be one of several new email addresses for correspondence, replacing all previously used email addresses.

4. The @hartbrkrs Instagram account will get a new username / profile image that is in line with the above changes as it moves to First Light Syracuse Goods™. My social content will stay the same; posts that are First Light-specific, and City of Syracuse focused in general.

5. The Facebook Page branding will pivot to First Light Syracuse Goods™.

⏰When is this happening?

You’ll see changes starting to trickle in from today. There will be sporadic downtime on the shop site as changes are being implemented.

🤔Why change the name?

1. To be crystal clear about what this shop is and the types of goods I sell.

2. To make it easier for people looking for Syracuse goods to find this shop and its products online.

3. To create a strong platform upon which I can scale this shop and its brand.

4. To bring the shop into alignment with . They’ll now to be sibling sites which is what I always intended. People will be able to learn about the Syracuse city flag at , then buy Syracuse city merch at .

5. To expose more Syracusans to the name of our new city flag which is "First Light".

I hope you look forward to this new, more focused shop. Exciting times!

🥳Updated products

Below are a few updated products featuring the new First Light Syracuse Goods™ branding. All products will soon feature the new logo and visual identity. Stay tuned!

Eric Hart in front of Syracuse City Hall

Author: Eric Hart

Eric is owner of First Light Syracuse Goods™ and design studio Hartbreakers Creative. He's an eighth-generation Syracusan and designer of the Syracuse city flag, "First Light."

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