First Light Syracuse Goods™

The Hartbreakers Creative logo displayed next to a photograph of its Owner, Eric Hart

First Light Syracuse Goods™ is an online shop run by Hartbreakers Creative LLC, a design studio in Upstate NY founded by Owner, Eric Hart. The studio is on a mission to serve, energize, and inspire our Greater Syracuse, New York community through its design services. Its services include: marketing & branding, websites & social media, design & strategy consulting.

The company made the decision to start First Light Syracuse Goods™ after Eric Hart's city flag redesign was officially adopted as the new Syracuse city flag. The flag, titled, "First Light," is a new identity for our city and its residents. The focus of the shop is to offer us Syracusans products that give us a way to show pride in our city and encourage embracing our new identity as seen in the city flag. The shop promises to give residents an alternative to the ubiquitous university athletic gear found across the city.